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Gemma Distefano


Agnes Szabo

A true gem! Filippo is a total pro, his passion for surfing drives the vibe for the lesson! He is not just a good surfer, but also a great coach. He is very engaged during the whole time you spend in the water, corrects you, provides specific personally tailored advise on technique, how to recognise and catch the best waves for you, so you can develope to a level where you can be confident in the water by yourself. Plus extra that he is supernice and has a great taste in music, so driving around to find the best spot (because he will not take you just on any beach where the conditions are not suitable for surfing, but will look for the best option!) for the daily waves is superfun :).

Patricia 10/10/20

Estuve aqui para aprender ein Surfear.
Es war eine wundervolle Erfahrung, die ein todos empfehlen!
Instructores excelentes y disponibles.

Emily Clark 15/10/20

Es war eine erstaunliche Erfahrung! Der Surflehrer hat einem Patienten bei mir sehr geholfen. Ich werde auf jeden Fall wiederkommen!