El Burro surf spot

El Burro surf spot is one of the best summer spots!
It is a powerful reefbreak that works in all tides.

From the main peak they are formed both left and right.
The former end on a wide channel that opens into the bay, while the latter end on the reef and you have to be careful not to stay too low during the series.

The backdrop is a uncomfortable and sharp reef.

Often the line-up is overcrowded and when the level is higher the locals dominate the peak.
When the wind is stronger, however, the spot is dominated by kite and windsurfing.

If you don't have an at least medium level, you should try surfing the waves that form inside the bay, Glass Beach, or in the next commercial Playa del Moro.

Here the seabed is sandy and softer waves often form and within the reach of beginners. But beware of strong currents!

El Burro surf spot details

Wave type: Reefbreak

Tide: High tide

Swell Direction: N, NE

Best Wind Direction: W, NW

Difficulty: 2

How to get: inside the "Natural Park of the Dunes of Corralejo" you can recognize it from the bay which is located immediately after the car park on the left.
Be careful not to go with the car in the innermost part because it is easy to get silted up.

Surf Forecast El Burro

See wave and wind forecasts for El Burro Fuerteventura

Surf Forecast El Burro

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