Surf Spot El Cotillo (Piedra Playa)

The spot is located just outside the town of El Cotillo. Which is why it is the home spot of all surfers living in the village.

As one of the few beachbreaks in the north of Fuerteventura, it is a draw for many surfers when the wave opens well.

2 km of beach under a cliff overlooking the open ocean.

Piedra Playa is divided into 5 beaches, assigned to different water sports.
First, second and fifth beach for surfing while for kite and windsurf the two in the middle.
You can still find the information in the various signs in the parking lots.

El Cotillo Fuerteventura

The spot is a long beachbreak which makes lefthand and righthand in different peaks.

The waves break in explosives close out if the swell is too big, either the tide is wrong, or the sandbars on the seabed are simply not in good shape.

The north end offers some protection against the winds from the North and Northeast, but is often crowded.

In winter, the ocean withdraws the sand and produces powerful waves that close fast and can also generate barrels.

In summer the beach expands and becomes the perfect place for the first attempts to stand up on the board. Same operation at high tide.
Foam waves come ashore, without the need to row as much as the water remains at a constant height.

Furthermore, the Piedra Playa beach is ideal for spending whole days alternating the waves and a siesta on the beach.
But remember a hat and sunscreen because the Cotillo sun is unforgiving.

Remember that above the first beach there is a small house where the lifeguards guard the beach.
For any doubts about the condition of the sea, just ask them, they are always available and kind.

Cotillo surf spot details (Piedra Playa)

Wave type: Beachbreak

Tide: Medium tide

Swell Direction: NW, N, NE

Best Wind Direction: SE, E, NE

Difficulty: 1

How to get: Once you enter Cotillo, past the Hiperdino supermarket on the right, turn left and head towards the dirt road.
You will find the first parking lot after fifty meters. You can already stop here and evaluate which of the beaches to walk down tothe.

Surf Forecast Cotillo (Piedra Playa)

See the wave and wind forecasts for Piedra Playa, El Cotillo, Fuerteventura

Surf Forecast Cotillo (Piedra Playa)

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