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If you already know how to surf the wave, but you want to improve your style


In the Intermediate Surf Course we go together on the line-up, to improve the reading of the sea and the choice of the right wave.

We focus on maneuvering techniques along the wave wall.

Our mission is to transmit the love for the sea and for surfing, with teacher titled at the Spanish Surf Federation (FES) and International Surfing Association (ISA) who speak several languages.

The lessons are aimed at singles, couples and families or groups of friends.

intermediate course lobos surf camp fuerteventura


The Intermediate Surf Course includes:

  • Practical and theoretical lessons given by professional instructors
  • Top quality surf equipment (surfboard, leash, paraffin wax, wetsuit and boots)
  • Insurance
  • Transfer to the spot
  • Maximum 8 people per instructor

La lezione ha una durata di circa 4 ore totali compreso il trasporto alla spiaggia.

Diversified groups are planned for level and experience, for a contemporary growth of each student!

Many students during our courses move up from one level beginner at one level intermediate.
If you want to deepen and improve your surfing technique also try a Individual Course!

Each lesson of the Intermediate Surf course will consist of:

  • A theoretical part to ensure adequate safety 
  • Specific heating before entering the water
  • Practice in the water
  • Personal feedback for each pupil
  • End of session stretching

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