La Derecha de los Alemanes Surf Spot Fuerteventura

Located in Playa del Hierro we find this spot which owes its name to the numerous presence of german people in the water in past years.

surf spot la derecha de los alemanes

Compared to the other two nearby spots (El Hierro and Bubble) is the simplest one and affordable for intermediate surfers.
In fact, even localism is not present as in the others.

The wave is a quite long righthand if taken from the main peak, divided into different, more or less, rapid sections.

When there is less strength longboard dominate the line-up and draw smooth lines along the wave wall.
On days where the swell is stronger, however, the waves can also be similar to those of Hierro.

Getting into the water is also easier. Without having to jump, enter the last rocks on the left and row in thewide channel leading up to the line-up.

La Derecha De Los Alemanes surf spot details

Wave type: Reefbreak

Tide: Low tide

Swell Direction: NW, N, NE

Best Wind Direction: SW, S, SE

Difficulty: 2

How to get: about a kilometer and a half from Majanicho you can find the first large parking lot on the right just in front of the Bubble wave. Coming from Cotillo instead, after having passed a descent that ends with a curve on the left you will find a sign that indicates the name of the Hierro beach.

Surf Forecast La Derecha de los Alemanes Fuerteventura

See the wave and wind forecast for the La Derecha de los Alemanes Fuerteventura surf spot

Surf Forecast la Derecha de los Alemanes

Below you will find all the details of the spots in the north of Fuerteventura!

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