Majanicho Fuerteventura

Majanicho is a surf spot located on the North Shore of Fuerteventura.
It features three different waves.

The first is located right in front of the small fishing village.
At high tide a peak is formed that it generates right and left waves.
Both break very quickly, as there is always little water to cover the reef. But they are both easy and fun waves.

A little further offshore, one long righthand unwinds along the coast line of the bay.
This wave is perfect for beginner surfers, and offers a wide channel where you can rest between sets and return to the peak with peace of mind.

But at the same time it allows you to experiment with many maneuvers along the wall thanks to its length.
It usually lends itself very well to the longboard.
This wave also works more at high tide.

The third wave of Majanicho is found in the part outside.
This is also a right, but it has very different characteristics from the other two.

Being outside the bay, the swell enters much louder and the wave it generates moves much more water.

Consequently the waves are much bigger and more powerful.
The wave breaks soft and allows you to maneuver easily along the wall.

This peak is often crowded with SUP and longboard.
On windy days we have to let the windsurfers dominate the lineup.

A feature of Majanicho Outside is that does not hear of the tides. In fact, both high and low this peak works very well.


Majanicho surf spot details

Wave type: Reefbreak

Tide: High tide

Swell Direction: NW, N, NE

Best Wind Direction: S, SE, E

Difficulty: 1

How to get: coming from Lajares, you come directly to the Majanicho pueblo and first turn right and then immediately after the houses left.
Following the road there are several car parks facing the sea, both in the inside and further out.
Driving along the northshore from Corralejo, you have to turn right before entering the Majanicho pueblo.

Surf Forecast Majanicho

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Surf Forecast Majanicho

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Majanicho Surf Spot

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