Mejillones Surf Spot

Thanks to an exposed coral reef, the Mejillones surf spot forms a peak in outside which produces big waves. 

A usual meeting point for big wave surfers of the island, which dominate the Mejillones surf spot and protect it by localism.

It works in all tides and gives its best when the wave wall remains open thanks to the wind coming from the south.
Mejillones Surf Spot

Mejillones surf spot details

Wave type: Reefbreak

Tide: All tides

Swell Direction: NW, N, NE

Best Wind Direction: SW, S, SE

Difficulty: 3

How to get: the spot is halfway between Majanicho and Corralejo.
On the days when it works, the big waves breaking offshore are already visible in the distance.
In front of the spot there is a large parking lot next to a rustic private house decorated with fishing nets and sea colors.

Surf Forecast Mejillones

See wave and wind forecasts for Mejillones Fuerteventura

Surf Forecast Mejillones

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    Mejillones Fuerteventura

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