North Fuerteventura Surf Spot

Discover all the surf spots along the North Coast of Fuerteventura.

The municipality of La Oliva includes the entire northern area of the island.
In this area there are different facets of the island.
On the one hand, on the west coast, El Cotillo it is a country that still maintains the rustic aspect of a typical seaside resort.
Walking through its streets you will notice how the colors of the houses are mainly white and blue, a clear reference to the sea.
To which are added numerous murals always on the theme of the ocean.
In the morning and in the evening the small port of Cotillo comes alive with fishermen ready to go out to sea or have just returned from fishing.

Across the east tip of the island, Corralejo represents the opposite.
Large hotels, shopping centers, shops and restaurants represent the most touristic life in the north of Fuerteventura.


Exactly in the center, along the north coast there is Majanicho a small fishing village consisting of only about twenty houses on a small bay, which at high tide fills with crystal clear water and offers a wonderful spectacle.

Majanicho is located in the middle of the North Shore, a dirty road that connects Corralejo to Cotillo.
Along this road there are numerous surfing spots, which during the winter works so good.

In this area the landscape is desert and arid, nature is almost untouched.
There are however few sandy beaches, but many lava reefs that generate powerful and high quality waves.

The surf season in Fuerteventura

Surfing is more popular along the north coast of Fuerteventura, especially inwinter.

From September to April this whole part of the island is exposed to strong storms and the wind is milder, thus generating constant and quality waves.
Surfers from all over the world reach the island to be able to surf in the "Hawaii of Europe".

From September to December, temperatures remain close to summer, but the wind becomes much more tenuous and intermittent.
Big swells bring powerful, high-quality waves, combed by a light off-shore wind.

The fact of having numerous nearby spots offers the possibility for everyone to surf.

Surf Spot on the north coast of Fuerteventura

A spot typically suited to an intermediate level is definitely Punta Blanca.
In fact, we often go there with the group Advanced or Beginner depending on the sea condition.
A large channel guarantees the right space to rest between one set and another.

Another similar spot is Caleta, accessible to both beginners and more experienced surfers on bigger days.
With the difference that the wave is located more in the inside part and opens a long left.

For more experienced surfers El Hierro represents the ideal spot.
Different peaks where to catch the wave one attached to the other and working with any tide are a guarantee.

Mejillones is the favorite spot for Big Wave lovers.
There are few surfers who enter to surf in this spot, but many are stopped at the parking area enchanted by the majestic waves of Mejillones.

North Shore Fuerteventura Surf Spots

Discover all the surf spots along the North Coast of Fuerteventura.

Where is our Surf Camp?

Our Surf Camp it is located near the port and the center of Corralejo to ensure easy accessibility to the transport and services of the center.
But always on the side of the sea where you can immerse yourself in the crystal clear waters of the ocean.

Inside of La Oliva and Villaverde reflect the more rural aspect, with the typical stone walls typical of this area.
Lajares it represents a little bit the junction between Corralejo and Cotillo, with restaurants and shops but maintaining a more classic style.

The typical Saturday morning market is also very charming, offering many local products.

With our Surf Camp we will show you the best places to visit and take you to the places that have an agreement with us to get a special treatment reserved for members of the LOBOS family!

Who are our Surf courses for?

In ours surf courses we take you to the most suitable spots for your level in order to teach with the right sea conditions.

We form groups diversified by level and experience, for growth and specific teaching for each student!

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