Punta Elena (Rocky Point)

The home spot of all Corralejo surfers.

Punta Elena (Rocky Point) is a very varied reefbreak suitable for all levels, but with the right prudence and respect in the water because it is very easy to find the full line-up.
Being so inside the city, in fact, as soon as a bit of swell enters, many people go surfing "behind the corner".

In the inside depending on the tide, righthand and lefthand are formed in different peaks.

But there are two waves that can be longer and more fun.

The first one is a long righthand right at the side of Corralejo bay, lined with a wide channel which makes life easier for all less experienced surfers. Also for this reason it is always the most crowded.

The other wave is located on the other side of the bay, front of the Bahia Real Hotel.
It's a long lefthand, called Gaviota, very fun to surf.

Pay close attention to tide changes because many rocks emerge or are hidden and they can make bad tricks.

There is a third main peak at Punta Elena, which are further offshore in outside.

It doesn't work very often, but when the swell is stronger the locals prefer to surf it.
Which is why they also try to maintain more confidential access.

Also consider well the entry and exit points because the Punta Elena reef, especially at low tide, is really uncomfortable to walk.

Punta Elena surf spot details

Wave type: Reefbreak

Tide: All tides

Swell Direction: N, NE

Best Wind Direction: W, NW

Difficulty: 1

How to get: you can easily reach the spot on foot from the center of Corralejo along the entire bay. By car, once you have taken the road that leads to Bahia Real (Avenida Grandes Playa), just park at Calle Poris and approach the sea on foot.

Surf Forecast Punta Elena (Rocky Point)

See the forecasts of the waves and wind for Punta Elena (Rocky Point), Fuerteventura

Surf Forecast Punta Elena (Rocky Point)

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    Punta Elena (Rocky Point)
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