This year has certainly been a special year for everyone.
There were difficult times that we managed to overcome.
We have been forced to stay away from our natural environment, the sea, and what we love, surfing.

But no matter what the future holds, there are traditions that must be respected.

Here's why this year at Christmas, giving a surfer a gift is more important than ever.
It can be a wish for a new year full of waves and will certainly be greatly appreciated!

Here then we offer you two lists of gifts to leave under a surfer's Christmas tree!

The first includes essential materials for every surfer, or who would like and curiosity to start this sport.
The second list stays on a range of price lower than 50€, with a lower cost but still for a gift that is certainly appreciated.

With these articles you will be sure to hit the mark, as they are all referred articles every surfer needs!

gift for a surfer

5 Christmas gifts for a surfer

Small premise. We omit surfboards from this list as they are very personal and the choice of which is more difficult.

1 Surf Wetsuit

Unless you are planning a surf trip to Indonesia or another tropical country, the wetsuit is absolutely essential in surfing.

There are many types of wetsuits depending on the thickness, elasticity and even the seams.
In fact, the winter wetsuits must have heat-sealed seams to prevent water from entering inside and to maintain body heat.
Consequently i prices vary a lot depending on the models.

Here are some examples of some models of a medium price range, to make a gift that is certainly appreciated.

RIP CURL Dawn Patrol 4 / 3mm

RIP CURL Dawn Patrol Men

RIP CURL Dawn Patrol Performance 4/3 mm

Top of the range!

With a thickness of 4/3 mm, thermo-welded seams, inner lining to keep warm and lumbar and abdominal protections to protect from the wind make these wetsuits perfect for winter.
Furthermore, the quality materials guarantee strength and elasticity.
The zipper on the chest is an additional guarantee for comfort and waterproofness.

RIP CURL Omega 4/3 mm 

This changes Hurley it is great for the winter.
In fact, its 5/3 mm thickness is an additional cover suitable for lower temperatures.

Hurley Advantage Plus 5 / 3mm

This changes Rip Curl it is specific for winter as it has a thickness of 5/4 mm it's a internal lining throughout the body. This ensures that the internal heat is maintained.
Thanks to the thermo-welded seams lwaterproof is guaranteed.

RIP CURL Flashbomb Search 5 / 4mm Zip Free

For the GIRLS here are 4 types of 4/3 mm winter wetsuit. Always guaranteed by thermo-welded seams and internal lining to maintain body heat.

RIP CURL 5 / 3mm Chest Zip

Hurley Advantage Plus Fullsuit 4 / 3mm

RIP CURL Womens Dawn Patrol 4 / 3mm Chest Zip

Dawn Patrol 4/3 mm Back Zip

2 Surfskate

Surfskates have become a staple for all surfers today.

Much more than a fashion, the surf skate allows you to surf even without waves.

It is a great way to approach a more radical style of surfing and start trying the first few maneuvers.
For those who already have a higher level, the practice of maneuvers on the asphalt allows progress more and more quickly, focusing on technique.

Yow is an excellent Spanish brand that produces excellent quality surfskates.
The Signature series in addition to incredible graphics presents different varieties.
Perfect under the Christmas tree!

Yow Aritz Aranburu

YOW Pipe 32 ″

YOW x Pukas

Carver has been the industry leader for many years now. In fact, the first examples of surfskates are from the American brand.
Here because any Carver branded product is a guarantee.

Carver Skate Rad Ripper CX 31

Carver Skateboard Arce

Carver Lost x RNF

3 Travel bag for surfboards

If you are planning your next surf trip, a surfboard travel bag is essential.

There are various models with different price ranges depending on the padding and size.

FCS Travel 2

SLAB Travel Army

Dakine World Traveler

FCS Travel 3

4 Balance Trainer and Indo Boards

An 80% in surfing is made up of balance.

These balance boards are specific for surfing.

Revolution Balance Boards

Jucker Hawaii

Epic Waves

Indo Board has been working for years to allow a specific job to surfers who find themselves closed at home or far from the waves.
Working on balance allows a truly remarkable improvement on your surfing.
One thing to keep in mind when choosing a gift for a surfer.

5 Smartwatch

Smartwachs for surfing are a technology of recent years.
You can have the forecasts in real time and check the tide status.

They allow you to monitor the surfing session and record significant data such as:

Duration of the session

· Number of waves surfed

Distance traveled

· Full speed

RIP CURL GPS Series 2 Cobalt

RIP CURL Rifles Sun

RIP CURL Series 2 Blue

Garmin Instinct Solar Surf

For the surfers Rip Curl also produces one more model female.

RIP CURL Womens Next Tide Mint

Rip Curl 2018 Womens Maui Mini Tide Mint

Rip Curl 2018 Womens Maui Mini Tide White

10 Surf gifts with less than 50 €

As you have seen, or you may have already known, surf items generally have a modest price range.

But don't despair!

Here is a list of equally useful, if not essential items, among which you can find the perfect gift for your friend onrfista!

1 Leash

Absolutely ESSENTIAL for every surfer!

For the uninitiated, the leash is that accessory that binds the board to the surfer's ankle.
Avoid losing your board in the water and have it easily recovered when you fall.

It is important that the leash is not too old or worn because it could break and cause two unpleasant situations: being in the middle of the sea without any floating support and breaking the board adrift against the rocks.

Since a leash has to be changed at least once a year, that's why a leash is definitely an appropriate gift for any surfer and always welcome!

Its length depends on the length of the board.

Dakine Leash John John Florence

FCS Leash 7 '

FCS All Round Essential 8 ′

FCS 6 ′ Freedom Leash Blue

2 Ponchos

Ponchos are the perfect option for changing on the beach or in the parking lot in front of the spot.
Much more comfortable than a towel, it allows you to change easily.

Also thanks to the material from which it is made, you can dry yourself and stay warm even on cold winter days.

Surf Poncho

Northcore Poncho

MIRAGE Surf Poncho

SLAB Poncho

3 Lightweight surfboard bag

The best way to carry your surfboard every day!

Practical, comfortable and manageable.
These bags are the perfect compromise to transport the boards safely and with adequate protection.
They guarantee one impact protection and from the sun's rays that ruin the surfboards.
They also have different pockets and compartments for surf material.

Obviously you have to take into account the size of the table. Although taking a slightly larger size can be useful in the case of a change in the quiver and greater comfort.

Surfboard bags for SHORTBOARD

Ocean & Earth

ROAM Daylight Shortboard


Northcore New Addiction Shortboard

Surfboard bags for LONGBOARD

Northcore Longboard Day

ROAM Doble Board

SLAB 8'0 Day

Northcore Addiction Longboard

4 “Sock” for Surfboard

Commonly called socks.
They are very simple, made of an elastic and soft canvas that does not weigh down the transport of the board, but protects it from any light bumps or scratches.

I'm a cheaper alternative to the protective bags.

The length of the board must always be taken into account before purchasing

Blesiya All measures

AmandaJ Longboard

SLAB Sock 6'0

FCS Stretch

5 Waterproof Backpack

For non-surfers it can be difficult to imagine the inconvenience of carrying a wet suit.

To make our life easier, however, there are different types of waterproof backpacks!
With a compartment totally waterproof where to put the wet suit in order to keep the wet material separate from everything that must remain dry.

Also there are several compartments to carry everything you need.

Cressi 20L

Earth Pak 35-55L

Northcore 40L

FE Active 30L

6 Neoprene accessories

The European winter is much colder than the Canary one.
The cold water and the wind make a short stay in the water possible

For this reason it is good to protect yourself from the cold with the appropriate material.

So if you are looking for a gift for a surfer, with any of these accessories it is sure he will thank you very much that day when it will be freezing cold and he will be in the water.

In addition to a good wetsuit, it is important to have the following accessories for protect the parts of the body that the suit leaves uncovered and which help maintain body temperature.

Among these we find:

Neoprene hoods

The head is where the most heat is lost.
It is therefore important to keep it covered.

In addition, it helps protect the ears from the cold wind.

Cressi 5mm

Cressi Performance 5mm

Quiksilver Highline

Roxy Performance

Surf shoes

Sensitivity in the feet is important for surfing.
If these remain frozen due to the cold it will obviously be more complicated.

In addition to offering coverage from the cold, they offer protection from any rocks and rocks.

There are shoes of different thicknesses, depending on which they offer more or less protection from the cold.

Quiksilver 2mm Highline

O'Neill Heat Socks

Cressi Ultra 5mm

O'Neill Ninja 3mm

O'Neill 5mm

Quiksilver 5mm Syncro

Neoprene gloves

It is equally important to protect your hands from the cold.

Indeed the hands are the first to cool down and consequently they lose sensitivity.

Here are some specific models for surfing.

O'Neill FLX 2mm

O'Neill FLX

Roxy 3mm Syncro Plus

Quiksilver 3mm Syncro Plus

7 Ear plugs

Over the years it has been realized how much surfers tend to have ear problems.
Moisture in the ear canals along with cold air can cause very painful infections in the ear.

That is why today more and more people decide to prevent this evil with the right protections.

While the use of earplugs is important all year round, it is even more so in winter.

If you want to ensure your friend's health, this is the perfect gift.

These are the two models that we recommend.

Specifically designed for surfing.
Especially the latest model, Surf Ears 3.0 thanks to its elastic cord guarantees not to lose the caps during the session.

EQ Surf Ear Plug

Surf Ears 3.0

8 Padlock for keys

Those who practice surf know the inconvenience of having to hide the car keys every time before entering the water.

The solution is these practical combination locks to keep the keys in a safe place.

It will surely be a gift appreciated for the importance of its use.


ORIA Security

Frostfire Mooncode

SURF LOGIC Key Security Lock Maxi

9 Board holder

The straps to secure the boards to the roof of the car are the safest way to carry surfboards, as well as the UNIQUE LEGAL WAY.

Its strap system allows you to quickly put on and take off your surfboards.

Also thanks to its small inflatable pads avoids damaging the roof of the car.



Tirol Table Holder

Northcore Roof Rack

10 Waterproof seat covers

Of great comfort for those who practice water sports.

We often don't have time to dry. Or maybe during the winter the absence of the sun prevents us.

Here we can use these waterproof seat covers to protect the upholstery of the car!

Largo seat cover

Surflogic Military

Surflogic Black

Northcore Military

Northcore Black

christmas surfing



In the belief that they have been useful for a quick trip to your surfer friend,

we take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas,

from Lobos Surfcamp Fuerteventura



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