What does goofy or regular mean?

Certainly if you are reading this article it is because you have decided to try the mythical Surf experience!
You want to experience the feeling of dominating the ocean waves and bonding a special contact with mother nature.

But before getting on a board you need to understand your position on the board. You have to answer the question “I am a Goofy or Regular surfer? "

These definitions simply indicate which foot on the board is placed in the front and which is in the back.
In all board sports we are standing parallel to the board and therefore we are forced to place our feet one in front of the other.

In sports such as skateboarding and snowboarding, it is very common to swap the two feet while riding.
This technique is called "switch".
In surfing we always remain in our position, which is why it is important to understand which foot to put in front and which one behind.

Definition of Goofy and Regular

Without thinking it is instinctive to advance with one foot in before the other, advancing or climbing stairs.
We all have a natural way of standing on the board when we catch a wave.

If you place your right foot in front and your left foot in back, then you have a goofy stance, and you are a Goofy footer.

Conversely, if you place your left foot forward and your right foot on the tail of the board you are in a regular position, and you are defined Regular footer.

This conditions our surf based on the direction of the wave.
Having the right or left foot in front of the board forces us to surf the wave in backside or in frontside.

For example, on a left wave a goofy footer is surfing in frontside, because he has the wave face in front of him.
While a regular is on the backside as he turns his back to the wave face.

There are historic rivalries in the World Surfing Championship (WSL) between goofies and regulars.

One above all the one between Kelly Slater and Rob Machado, which gave a great final heat at the Pipeline in 1995.
Great couple of friends, they show great sportsmanship. You can see how Kelly jokes about the excellent barrel taken by Machado, who thanks him by high-five.

How do I know if I'm Goofy or Regular?

As we said, before start surfing for the first time it is important to know which foot to put in front and which foot to put back, as this position does not usually change.

It should be made clear that being Goofy or Regular does not depend on being left-handed or right-handed. Hands and feet are not connected.

The way of surfing must be as natural as possible.

When trying the take off on the sand it may be that your body chooses for itself which foot to put forward first when standing up.
Or maybe having already tried other board sports you already know which of the two groups you belong to.

If not, exists a great way to find out.

Stand up and stay relaxed. A friend from behind pushes you, without too much force.
The first foot that moves forward is the one that goes forward on the board.

In any case, with a little practice you will be able to understand which foot is most natural for you to surf.

Origin of the term Goofy

The term Goofy seems to have originated from a cartoon from the 1930s.

In the episode Dysney "Holidays at Hawwaii” the character Goofy, tries to surf with his right foot forward.

The term goofy in English means clumsy. In fact, you can see how Pippo encounters some difficulties in surfing the Hawaiian waves.

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